This page is dedicated to my turbocharged motorbike - the most awesome bike ever built - the mighty HAYABUSA!

I bought my bike as a standard Black & Grey model in 2003 and shortly after had it painted in a blue/green flip colour.

Used it on the road, raced it on the runway, managed to be the 2nd bike in the UK to officially break 200mph on a  standard unopened engine. Here is my bike in standard engine form.

After several top-speed events and a few thousand road miles I realised that as good as the bike was I needed MORE POWER! Being an amateur engineer I decided to build myself a turbo system. After riding that for a year on the runway, achieving a best top speed of 215.7mph and a quarter-mile of 9.41s I wanted to really push the engine so decided to build another turbo system - bigger, stronger, FASTER!


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